Hi, I’m Nina Lilius and I live in Espoo, Finland. I work from my home office on Skype and on the phone and in writing.

You can contact me by sending an email to nina.lilius@lightheart.fi

I am on vacation and working since 1 st of August, 2022. You can place orders normally. I read emails and schedule written orders.

My expertise

I use all my skills in my own personal way. I have received clairvoyance, chanelling and healer gifts, and I have an excellent connection with the angels. I am an Angle Light Clear Voyant and an Angel Therapist and Certified Soul Healer Teacher. I am also a Life Coach Master and NLP Master Coach and a Yoga teacher, I have also participated in numerous courses of spiritual sector.

I am also a wife, mother and grandmother, as well as my puppy’s owner. Nature is especially important to me and I am happy to go outside. I have been doing my current job since 2017. I also have commercial training and a long and varied experience background in working business.

For your wellbeing, I offer

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My life philosophy and my mission

I am interested in the wonders of the Universe and I enjoy learning new things. I think we are always in life, growing and evolving, but also enjoying life in its various stages. There is light and shadow in everyone’s lives – they help us grow and develop as souls. However, we can also influence things ourselves in many different ways, and the help of angels and helpers of light is always available.

My soul mission is to help people with my current job. I will also be happy to help you find your own soul mission and move on to it. I will also be happy to help you heal your own soul, mind, ego and body and develop on your spiritual path as far as possible.

My vision

I want to help people move forward on their own spiritual path, improve the imbalance of soul, ego and body, find inner balance in life, listen to their own heart wisdom and fulfill their desires, and create a life where it is good to be. I also want to help people become Enlightened. I have versatile and effective methods at my disposal, of which angels and the loving help of the helpers of light are by far the best.

Customer feedback

“I do my work with heart, trust and ethics.”

Lightworker entrepreneur

Angle Light Clear Voyant
Angel Therapist
Certified Soul Healing Teacher
Life Coach® Master
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®
KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher®
SNR Healer